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    Patt Helton

    I was so excited to get these for my grandchildren as it seemed to be a wonderful idea.  Once the earphones finally came in & I gave them to the kids, they were very excited and could/nt wait to try them out!  Didn't last long ---- it took us a while to get the earphones in a position & get them to sty put so that they could be heard.  My granddaughter finally took her's off after about 45 minutes of watching a movie and was very happy with her JoJo earphones!  When she put them back on she couldn't hear the left speaker.  The next day the same thing happened to my grandson.  My husband hasn't even taken his out of the pack.

    I've sent emails a couple of times with no response!  They didn't hesitate to take my $56. so I'd really like an email to know if they intend to make this rright!  I still think it's a great idea and a shame that the people who made these (or had them made) didn't use better materials so they'd last!

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    Kim Roberts - Newberry

    Okay, delivery was super fast so thank you for that. The make is quality, very happy with that, yet to see how they function now, fingers crossed! However, I would recommend a type of headband that can be adjusted to fit perhaps using a velcro type attachment.

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