BlueTooth CozyPhones Instructions



When using your BlueTooth CozyPhones for the first time, please allow 2.5 hours to fully charge.

When the “Low Battery” signal comes through the speaker, it means it’s time for the device to recharge.

The flashing red light on the Bluetooth controlling panel indicates low battery on the device.

To charge, connect the USB cable on the Micro USB port side to the USB port on the controlling panel. Charge until the light indicator turns to blue.

Please allow 2 hours to fully charge the battery.


Turning On / Off


To turn on: Press and hold the Power key for 3 seconds, until the red and blue indicator lights flash. Release the key when the “On Power” signal comes through the speaker.

To turn off: Press and hold the key for 5 seconds, until the red and blue indicator lights flash. Release the key when the “Power Off” signal comes through the speaker.




Connecting to a Device: While the headset is turned OFF, press and hold the middle key until the red and blue indicator lights flash alternately. Release the key when the “Pairing” signal comes through the speaker.

Bluetooth name: BK03S

Bluetooth Identification Code: 0000

The product can be paired to multiple devices, however only one at the time of use. To maintain the paired connection for next time use, simply turn off the Bluetooth function on the unused device.




Redial last call number: Double tap on

Incoming call: The blue indicator light flashes, with the “Would you like to accept?” signal coming through the speaker. Press the key to answer call.

End call: Single tap on button.

Rejecting a call: Hold down the button until the sound of a beep comes through the speaker.



Technical Information


Bluetooth Name: BK03S

Charging Time: About 2 hours

Talking Time: 6 hours

Standby Time: About 250 hours

Work Temperature: 14 F-122 F

Connect Distance: 10 Meters

Bluetooth: CSR V4.0+EDR

Transmitting Power: Class 2

Frequency: 2.4GHZ (2.402-2.480GHZ)

Transmission Distance of Mic: < 1 Meters

Noise Reduction: CSR CVC

Speaker Unit: 30MM

Liion Battery: 3.7V/ 120mA



Safety Information


Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • Do not use the product near hospital or medical institution in case of unauthorized use.
• If you are using other personal medical devices, consult the manufacturer of the device or your physician to confirm the device’s ability to shield electromagnetic radiation.


  • Please store the product in a non-pressured environment, within the temperature of 14 F – 122 F.


  • Please keep the product away from children, as some of the parts can cause danger after swallow.
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